Beauty Retouch & Pixel Juggler Full Version adalah sebuah plugin photoshop yang membantu para photographer atau retoucher untuk mempercepat dan meningkatkan kualitas finisihing product-nya.

About :

The Beauty Retouch Workflow Accelerator is a Photoshop extension panel created by a team of Retouching Academy experts to help photographers and retouchers speed up their Beauty, Fashion & Portrait retouching workflow and increase the quality of their finished product.

RA Panels are coded in HTML5 and have been tested successfully with the following officially licensed versions of Adobe Photoshop from CS6 to CC2015, on both Mac OS X and Windows-based computers. Like our other products, the Beauty Retouch v3.0 is a digital download product only, and as such, cannot be returned. Please verify that your system and software are capable of running RA Panels by downloading our free Pixel Juggler product, a handy Photoshop extension panel also coded in HTML5.

Beauty Retouch v3.0 panel combines basic Beauty retouching scripts, tool and adjustment layer shortcuts, which will add simplicity to and speed up your workflow by performing the tedious and repetitive parts of your routine.

Utilizing a few advanced and extremely helpful scripts, as well as the ability to add custom User Actions, this extension panel will also save you hours of work in the short and long term as well as help you achieve accurate, repeatable top-quality results, and impress your clients!


Screenshot :

Beauty Retouch & Pixel Juggler Photoshop Full Version

Beauty Retouch & Pixel Juggler Photoshop Full Version

Installation :

  • Download file .Rar di link download bawah dan extract file tersebut
  • Buka folder hasil extractan tadi, akan terdapat 2 folder, bila kamu adalah pengguna OS MAC maka buka folder _MACOX, jika anda adalah pengguna Windows buka folder dibawahnya
  • Di tiap folder yang berisikan masing-masing aplikasi terdapat file Read Me,pdf yang berisikan instruksi lebih lanjut tentang cara penginstallannya
  • Jika mengalami kendala dalam proses instalasi, anda dapat meninggalkan komentar dibawah
  • Enjoy

Download Link :

Size : 117 MB

G Drive




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Mantap gan.. thanks a lot…

Sama2 gan, thanks uda berkunjung disini

Risdani Samudra
April 2, 2017 8:15 PM

Min RAnya kok gag bisa di download ya

Yang google drive msh work koq, download disitu aja bro

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